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Thanks for taking a few moments to dig a little deeper into your flooring options. Here, you’ll pick up interesting and useful info, which should help you understand your choices, and help you feel confident about your selections.

The information you find here will help prepare you for your visit to a GD Floors showroom, where you will have access to, and the support of, flooring and design professionals. Their mission is to help you make choices with which you’ll be very happy for a long time to come. They’ll be able to add to and expand upon the information you find here. We hope you will enjoy your flooring education and hope that your interest has been rewarded.



– We carry a large collection of the highest quality products.

– A majority of our manufacturers have product warranty and we have a 1-year Installation Warranty. For further information on product warranty, contact our store.

– You can call us at anytime at 561-401-9685 for a FREE in-home estimate. Our appointments range from 9:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday and 9:00AM – 2:00PM Saturday.

 – Just give us a call at 561-401-9685 and we would be more than happy to reschedule your appointment.

– You will have a email with the date/time of your scheduled appointment.

– You can set up an appointment to have our flooring specialist assess the damage and determine If the damage may fall under your manufacturer warranty.

– Not yet, we are currently working on making it possible with our company.

– Cash, Credit Card or Check.

– If your desired product is in-stock it can be as soon as next day.

– This entirely depends on the project. We may be able to do a new installation over your old flooring or we may have to remove it. This is something our flooring specialist will determine during your free in-home estimate.


– Yes, all of our carpet comes with different types of warranty, give us a call at 561-401-9685 and we’d love to go further in-depth on our carpet warranties.

– Our flooring specialist will help you determine the perfect carpet for your lifestyle during your free in-home estimate. We will bring lots of samples with different styles and colors.

– This is common for some new carpet to shed, this is solved by frequent vacuuming but it can take up to 120 days for it stop. The quickest way would be having a professional cleaner come out.

– The biggest reason for carpet shedding is cut fiber from the milling process.


– Click here (add link for vinyl cleaning) for further information on how to clean and maintain your vinyl floor.

– Yes it does, and we have lots to choose from!

– Set-up an in-home appointment and we will have our flooring specialist come out to the house and assess the damage and determine what repairs need to be done.

– We offer all different types of vinyl flooring such as vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile and sheet vinyl.


– Click here (add link for laminate cleaning) for further information on how to clean and maintain your laminate floor.

– Minor damage may be fixable by an approved laminate floor filler, but of course depending on the damage it may require replacing a plank.


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