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How To Clean Laminate Flooring

Cleaning Laminate Flooring can be quite tedious despite how desirable and durable these floors are. This guide will make sure your laminate flooring stays in prime shape and increase its life-span.

First things first as always dry mop with microfiber and vacuuming. We want to prevent as much scratches as possible and especially before a deeper clean on your flooring, dirt and dust particles can act like a sandpaper to your floor. Vacuum and dry mop every corner, all baseboards and underneath your furniture.

Now let’s get your cleaning solution ready, it’s actually more preferable to do a DIY method as-well compared to buying products. So you are going to need 1/4 cup alcohol, 1 cup distilled water and 2 drops of Blue Dawn. Mix this up in a spray bottle.

Now let’s start cleaning. This is where it can get tedious, you are going to want to spray the cleaner then scrub with a lightly dampened cloth and wipe immediately with an absorbing dry cloth to prevent water from seeping into the gaps between the pieces of laminate. You can do this process with the microfiber mop if you don’t want to be on your knees scrubbing but it won’t be as effective.

You are all finished cleaning! Just make sure you stay away from the baking soda and vinegar techniques like used on vinyl flooring and brushes/sponges/cloths that can be a bit scratchy, and ALWAYS avoid soaking the floors and cleaning with a regular mop.

Lastly to keep your floors as clean as possible and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning them invest in some rugs and you can even use glides or pads on the bottom of furniture to prevent them cause damage to the flooring. Even a spot for everyone to put their shoes at when they enter the door would be a great idea too.


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